Keep children safe online

KayleAI is an artificial intelligence-powered service that allows developers to protect children from unsafe messages online.

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Safety first

The basics of keeping children safe online

From filtering messages to monitoring activity, KayleAI provides the tools you need to keep children safe online.

Committed to Safety

We’re committed to keeping children safe online, that’s why we launched KayleAI. We use artificial intelligence to detect and prevent children seeing unsafe messages online.

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Secure by default

We ensure that the data transmitted between our API and your infrastructure is secure. From ISO 27001 compliance to end-to-end encryption, we’re keeping data safe and secure.

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Privacy Focused

As part of our commitment to child safety, we do not collect any personal information, with the only notable exception being data about developers who use our platform to protect children.

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Test KayleAI

Try our demo to see how KayleAI works

Here you can test KayleAI out before you even create an account!

KayleAI’s Testing Terminal
Here you can see whether a message will be flagged up by KayleAI’s filters!
kayle@ai~$: run test
            Awaiting message
   This demo is only available on desktop, sorry!

Try hunting for words or phrases that KayleAI should flag up here!


Our pricing is simple. very simple

KayleAI v1

Free /forever

We’re letting anyone use the KayleAI v1 Endpoint entirely for free, forever! You don’t even need a valid payment method to start!

  • Unlimited API requests to KayleAI v1 Endpoint
  • Friendly User Interface
  • AI Powered Support
  • Full Access to Documentation and Examples
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